Why your dog should wear a Dog ID Tag on their Adventures

Why your dog should wear a Dog ID Tag on their Adventures

Why your dog needs a Dog ID Tag

Life can be full of unexpected events and no matter how well your dog is trained, there can be situations in which they get lost - so having a dog ID Tag on them whenever you are out and about (and for some dogs as well when they are in their yard) might save their life and will increase the chances of having your pup back in your arms asap.

What can happen?

They run off because they are scared

Sometimes unexpected events can happen that scare our dogs - another dog rushing towards you, a loud motorbike driving past, a loud noise from a construction side.. you get the gist! Even if your dog is great of lead, you can never be 100% sure that your dog won't get scared by the environment you're in and bolts out of panic and fear. When dogs are scared they often shut off the world around them for a few good minutes, which means they won't be able to hear you calling them and when they stop running, they might not realise where they are anymore and you are too far away from your dog to find them. If your pup walks around disoriented & confused and a stranger comes by and sees them, they can call your dog and call your number on the ID Tag that is attached to your dogs' collar. This way you will be notified where your dog is and that they're safe.

They run off after prey

All dogs have prey drive. Some more and some less but predatory instinct is alive in all of them. Animals like Kangaroos or Emus often appear out of nowhere and your dog often notices them before you do. If your dog is off lead, they might chase after fast moving wildlife and might not be able to find their way back to you.

Natural disasters

A good example are natural disasters like the floods that have hit the East Coast of Australia in early 2022. These unusual circumstances might cause your dog to run off or get lost through other means when everyone is trying to get out of potential danger. If your dog is wearing a collar with a tag, you have a greater chance of being reunited.

Car accidents

One thing not many dog owners think of - car accidents. Many times when you hear about dogs that were involved in a car accident, they ran away from the site being potentially hurt and in a state of panic. A dog tag that is attached to their collar can help you to get them back as quickly as possible once they are found. 

Escaping the yard

Some dogs are escape artists! When your dog has a high risk to escape the yard, you want to make sure that they are wearing an ID Tag, so that your neighbours or a stranger coming across them can notify you instead of the ranger, causing unnecessary stress and cost! We recommend to use a break away collar while dogs are unsupervised in case they get tangled. Ask our friendly Native Collars team if you're interested in the break away buckle option. 

What to put on a pet ID tag?

The tag for your pet should include key information that will help return your pet to you. Include your pet's name, and your mobile phone number at a minimum. You can also include a second number as well as their registration number or microchip number. You can also engrave 'I am microchipped' as an alternative.

Types of tags

Standard Dog ID Tag
Includes your dogs' name as well as up to two phone numbers.

Custom Text Dog ID Tag
You can add a funny quote or other useful information when you select the custom option for our Native Collars Dog ID tags.

Print Dog ID Tag
Native Collars offers a range of dog tags that have a quirky quote as well as your dogs' name and your number included on the back.

Silent Dog ID Tag
There is also always the option of silent dog tags. They don't hang from your dogs' collar but are instead sitting on the collar.

Print on Dog Collar
Another great option is to get your dogs' name and number printed on the collar directly. Find the Print on Collar option here!