What to Consider When Choosing a Puppy Dog Collar

Choosing the right puppy dog collar is important because it will be your dog's first experience wearing a collar. There are many choices of puppy collars and leads on the market, so you want to choose one that is comfortable and affordable.

Here are a few things you need to consider when choosing a puppy dog collar:

  • Collar Style

When selecting a puppy collar, comfort should be your number one priority. A flat dog collar is usually the most comfortable option for most breeds, though some may require a specialized collar like a martingale. Choose whatever will be most comfortable for your pup!

Supervise your puppy the first time it wears a collar, as it may try to play with or chew on the collar. Similar to a cat's collar, a breakaway collar may be a good option if the puppy is sometimes unsupervised. A breakaway collar is unsuitable for walks, so use a regular dog collar.

  • Material

There are many things to consider when choosing a puppy collar. The most important thing is to think about your puppy's needs. A small dog, for example, will need a lightweight material. Leather may not be the best option in this case.

When choosing a collar for your dog, it is important to find a soft and not abrasive material. This is especially important if your dog has short hair. Breathable fabric is also a good option. Depending on your dog's breed, they will likely get very dirty. Choose a puppy collar that is easy to wash.

  • The Fit

You will need to use a soft tape measure to measure for a puppy collar. Place the tape measure around your puppy's neck, leaving enough room to fit two fingers underneath the tape measure. This will ensure the collar isn't too tight. Once you have the measurement, add two to three inches to allow growth.

How to Make Your Puppy Like the Collar

You should start by letting your puppy get used to wearing the collar around the house for short periods. Once the puppy is comfortable with this, you can begin taking them on short walks, rewarding them for good behaviour. With time, your puppy will become used to wearing the collar and can go on longer walks without any fuss.

You can follow three simple steps to achieve this:

1. Introduce the Collar to Your Dog

The first thing you need to do is to let your puppy see and sniff the collar. Do not put it on them just yet. You want them to become familiar with it first.

2. Put the Collar on Your Puppy

Once your puppy is used to the collar, you can put it on them. Again, only do this for short periods at first. You do not want to overwhelm them.

3. Reward Your Puppy for Good Behaviour

When your puppy is behaving well while wearing the collar, give them a treat or praise. This will reinforce the positive association they are making with the collar. With time and patience, your puppy will become comfortable wearing the collar and can go on longer walks without any fuss.


You should consider a few things when choosing a puppy dog collar. The size of the collar is essential, as is the type of material. You should also think about the style of the collar and whether you want a buckle or a snap. And finally, consider the price. Puppy dog collars can range in price from a few dollars to hundreds. Choose the one that is right for you and your pup.

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