Puppy Essentials - What your new pup needs when arriving at their new home

Puppy Essentials - What your new pup needs when arriving at their new home

What your new pup needs when arriving at their new home

Having a puppy for the first time can be overwhelming. You want to prepare the best that you can before your new addition to your family arrives at your home. We have prepared a list of things for you that you might need and that will come in handy. 

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Puppy Essentials & 'Nice to Have's'

Time to settle

First things first! Having time to settle into the new environment is probably the most important point on our list. An important item which is often overlooked are baby gates. Baby gates can keep puppies in safe areas and can also keep other pets or children out. This way you are allowing your new puppy to settle nicely into a quiet designated space without too many disruptions. You can find all kinds of baby gates in many stores around Australia. There are different materials and heights depending on your personal needs. One example can be found at Kmart. If you would like to avoid baby gates in your house or want a seperate additional space for your pup, a playpen with a bed, some water and puppy safe toys can be a great way to keep your young dog out of trouble and safe and calm from young humans and/or older pets.

An item from their old foster home/breeder/etc

Harness & Collar

Puppies don't go on walks the same way as mature dogs do just yet. A harness and collar are still essentials that you should prepare before the puppy arrives. Getting them used to their gear and making a positive connection towards the collar and harness are important and more easily taught when your dog is young.

Puppies like to explore new environments and need a safe way to do so. This works best with a well fitted harness and a long lead that will keep them out of trouble and close to you.

Not all collars and harnesses are created equal though.
Make sure you select a Y harness. Those types of harness don't restrict natural movement of their front legs, chest and shoulders. Looking for a soft harness that is made custom for your puppy? Have a look at our waterproof BioThane Harness. Collars are best used as Dog Tag Holders. You can choose any collar that us light, doesn't choke and sits soft and comfortable around your puppies neck. Make sure the collar you are getting is size adjustable. Puppies grow fast!
Explore our Collar Options.


As we just mentioned, you will also need a lead for all your doggy outings with your new puppy. We recommend choosing a leash that is as least 2m long. Leads that are adjustable are your best option as you can change the length depending on where you are.

Drag line

Drag lines are simple long lines that don't have a handle. They are lightweight and can be attached to your dogs harness inside or outside the house. This way they can be off lead with you still being in control as you can grab the drag line if there is an emergency.

Water Bowl & Food Bowl

Another essential that you might have guessed, are having a water and food bowl ready for when your new furry friend comes home. You can find simple water bowls in many stores. For food bowls we recommend one of our fun slow feeders. They prevent hoofing the food down too quickly and can be used as enrichment toys.

Name Tag

Another essential item is one (or multiple) name tags for your puppy.
If they escape the garden or you accidentally drop the lead when outside, you never know when a name tag comes in handy. A name tag will include your phone number in case your pup gets lost and is found by someone that can then contact you.

Name tags can all be found here - Native Collars Dog ID Tags.

A comfortable bed

 Who doesn't like a comfortable place to take a nap. Or two. Or three.. You get the point! Make sure you get some comfortable bedding for your pup that is also easily washable. A brand we love is Maison Dog.

A variety of toys

A variety of toys to find out what their favourite is will be good for the first time your puppy comes home. You can get soft plush toys or chewable enrichment toys. Make sure you select the right size and toughness for your breed.
Here are a few great options:


We recommend Ziwi Peak as they are made in New Zealand and come in the perfect treat size. They are also balanced and healthy, so no need to stress about feeding too many of them. Just make sure you take the amount of your dogs daily allowance to avoid too much excess weight gain.

And while we are on the topic:

Puppy Food

Make sure you get the same food that your breeder/foster home/rescue has been giving to your dog. If you would like to transition later on, you can do so slowly by mixing in more and more of the new food over the course of two weeks. Please ask the vet or nutritionist f your choice for more details.

Crate for your home/car

If you would like your pup to be crate trained, you can get crates of many sizes online or any of the bigger pet shops around Australia.
A great video on how to start crate training can be found on Kiko Pups YouTube channel.


Happy first few weeks with your puppy!

The Native Collars Team xx