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Paracord Dog Leads


You can find all Dog leads made from Paracord here.

Open your door to the world of adventure. Our Paracord Dog Leads are hand made by us in Australia out of strong Parachute Cord and high quality hardware. All of our leads are water resistant and easy to clean after coming home muddy and dirty when your dog and his pal played a little harder. 🏕️

We want to give you and your dog the opportunity to enjoy a stylish yet sturdy lead for all your joint adventures ahead! Our Paracord leads are made from vegan materials only For all leads only high quality USA made 550 parachute cord has been used as well as original BioThane® for some of the leads. BioThane® is a leather-like material and is soft like leather and very comfortable to hold. It is also easy to clean, waterproof and stink proof.

Our sturdy leads comes in different colour variations and you can even create your own custom combo!

Looking for a matching collar to go with your new Native Collars Lead? Explore all of our hand crafted Paracord Collars or BioThane Collars.

All of our uniquely hand stamped Dog ID tags can be found here.

Our newest addition for stylish and safe walks can be found in our BioThane Dog Harness section.