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Handmade Dog Leads 🐾

Dog leads need to be adventure ready - they should withstand any outdoor adventure and be strong enough to hold your dog in case of emergency. At Native Collars we use two Materials for our Dog Leads - U.S. Paracord and BioThane.

Both Materials are extreme strong and durable but also stylish and easy to clean after a big adventure. The upkeep is minimal (please refer to our cleaning instructions) and they will look as good as new after gentle rinse. 

Want to know more about the Materials that we are using for our Native Collars Dog Leads?

We braid our leads and collars using high quality USA made 550 parachute cord as well as original BioThane®. Paracord is the perfect material for any outdoor adventure; it is lightweight but can hold up to 250kgs. BioThane® is a leather-like material and is soft like leather and very comfortable to hold. It is also easy to clean, waterproof and stink proof. It is also extreme strong due to its internal webbing.

Looking for a matching collar to go with your new Native Dog Lead? You can find all of our collars here.

We also make BioThane long lines in all colours!

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10 products


10 products