What makes waterproof Biothane Dog Collars durable?

Introducing Our Water- and -Stink Proof BioThane Line

Today we want to talk about our BioThane® Collars (& Leads and Harnesses of course!). Let's learn about the BioThane® material and what makes it the perfect adventure gear for your pup regardless if you are hitting the the beach regularly or are adventuring in the Australian bush.

About BioThane & what makes it awesome!

At Native Collars we use original BioThane® for our collar range. Biothane® is a leather-like material made in the US; It is soft like leather and very comfortable to hold. It is also easy to clean, water resistant and stink proof.
Biothane® is a polyester webbing with PVC coating which makes it strong and durable for your everyday adventure with your dog.

Here is a list of all the awesome properties of Biothane®:

🌿 Easy to clean
🌿 Doesn't fray
🌿 Strong but soft around your dogs' neck and in your hand to hold
🌿 Repels Water and Dirt
🌿 Stink Proof
🌿 Colours don't fade over time
🌿 Lightweight
🌿 Leather-look and feel
🌿 Won't stretch or snap

Read more about Biothane® on their website.

All of our Native Collars BioThane®  Products are handmade with love by us in Perth, Western Australia.

Made for the beach

Sand, sea and salt-resistant! What's better than spending some relaxing time at the beach with your favourite adventure buddy?!

Having a collar that won't soak up all the water and stink from being wet is a game changer. BioThane® does just that - It repels water and sand won't stick to it. When you get home, you can take it off your dog and give it a quick wipe with a towel to dry the water that is left (if there is any). Make sure to select our plastic hardware or stainless steel range to ensure the hardware on your gear does not corrode or rust.

Made for mud

Does your dog enjoy a muddy adventure? Rolling around in the grass and puddles is their hobby? BioThane® is resistant to dirt and won't soak up water. When you come home and your collar has some dirt on it, you can simply fill a small bucket with water and dish washing liquid and gently rub your Native Collars BioThane Collar / Lead / Harness in it - The mud will come off with ease!

Introducing our Waterproof BioThane® Line

Our versatile, BioThane® waterproof collars, leads and harnesses are perfect for dogs who love to explore and roam. We have many colours and hardware options available. Make your collar fully waterproof and beach ready with stainless steel hardware that won't rust or corrode.

BioThane® Collars

We stock a large range of BioThane® Collars to suit every doggo need. Explore our options below to find the right one for you.


BioThane® Leads

Choose from various lengths and colours, as well as functionality! You can choose between various types of hardware - antique brass, gun metal, black, silver or our waterproof option which uses stainless steel hardware.

If you would like to see different combinations please don't hesitate to reach out to us through Native Collars' Instagram or through our contact us page. We are more than happy to help and create the right combination for you and your dog.

BioThane® Harness

Our Native Collars dog harness will be the perfect companion for your everyday walk at the park or your outdoor adventure. Our harness range gives you full control and can assist you to teach your dog not to pull on the leash. It comes with two leash attachment points:

  • The back attachment
  • The chest attachment

Handmade in Australia
Our new dog harness is designed and hand crafted in Australia by us. You can personalise your harness by choosing your two favourite colours and your preferred hardware colour. It is one of the most unique harnesses on the Australian bespoke market.