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Thinking about what to get for your loved ones this Christmas? Looking for the right dog Christmas present to place into your dog's stocking?

As you might know, Native Collars loves supporting other small businesses around Australia. 

Therefore, we would just like to show you a few, so you can find the right Christmas gift that your friends dog (or your own dog - who are  we kidding? Getting our own dogs Christmas gifts is the best!) will love.

Something for the soul

Who doesn't love a good but healthy snack?

George's Pantry  might have what you are looking for!

Top up your dog's meal with nutritious dehydrated chicken broth. More treats will arrive in their little shop in the near future. So keep an eye out for more pawsome goodies.

Chicken powder bone broth by George's Pantry

Fun times together

Spending time with your dog forms a strong bond with them. Building a unique relationship between you and your dog can be easily achieved by positive training. If you live in Perth, maybe booking yourself a few training sessions with B Kind Dog training is for you.

Bree from B Kind Dog training with her German Shepherd

Nature Inspired Dog Tags

Jaime from Wild Earth Dog Tags offers customisable dog tags, that feature Native Flowers. The tags are waterproof and durable and will match one of your Native Collars perfectly.

Browse her Etsy shop to pick the right tag for you and your friends doggo.

Native Collar Slip Collar with Wild Earth Dog Tag on Blue Heeler





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