Best Handmade Dog Collars in 2022

Best Handmade Dog Collars in 2022

Welcome to Best Handmade Dog Collars of 2022

What are dog collars used for?

While this sounds like a redundant question, most peoples answers are different to what dog collars should be actually used for.


The primary purpose of a dog collar is not to walk your dog but to keep them safe. We will go through different types of dog collars with you so you can find the right option for you and your dog.


Another important aspect should be the comfort of the collar. If your dog wears it's collar for most of the day or even if it is just for walks, you would want your dog to be comfortable in their handmade dog collar.

Soft materials and the right sizing for your dog will make the collar comfortable for every day use.


Being out and about on adventures a lot? Does your dog like to rough house with friends? Muddy puddles are the best?

We get you! The durability of the materials used for your dog collar is also an important aspect when choosing the right collar for your pooch.

What collars should not be used for

Using a dog collar to stop your dog from pulling should be avoided. No matter the collar, this can cause serious injuries to their neck. If your dog tends to pull, we recommend clipping them on a harness while teaching them to walk nicely on a lead. 

Our top picks for best dog collars in 2022:

Best dog collar overall:

River Collar by Native Collars

This collar is about 1 inch wide and will fit most dogs. It is adjustable in size and works for young dogs as well as adult dogs. 

It is made from Paracord and Biothane, is strong and durable and is absolutely easy to wash. 

It is also perfect for beach goers as it is waterproof.

Handmade River Paracord Dog Collar on Blue Heeler Neck

Best dog harness overall:

Chest Plate Harness by Ezy Dog

The ergonomic and comfortable fit of the Chest Plate Harness makes it a worthwhile investment.

The Chest Plate distributes the load evenly across the dog's chest rather than the throat, to make walks enjoyable for both you and your furry friend.

Best budget dog collar:

Simple style Biothane Dog Collar  by Native Collars

Size Adjustable, waterproof and easily washable - This makes the Biothane Dog Collar the perfect companion for all kinds of adventures.

It is also friendly on your wallet.

Best slip collar:

If your dog is not a puller and already knows how to walk nicely on a lead, this slip collar is for you.

As martingale-style or slip collars can be dangerous for dogs that pull frequently because of the pressure they put on the neck, this collar is not recommended for dogs that are still in training.

The Native Collar Slip Collar comes in a minimalistic design and works well as a safe keep for your dog tag. It is easily washable and waterproof.

Slip Collar on Ridgeback in Burgundy by Native Collars