Kong & WestPaw Stuffing Ideas for enriching meal times

Kong & WestPaw Stuffing Ideas for enriching meal times

Looking for creative ways to fill your enrichment food toys? Is your dog bored of the same food every time around? Find some new, inspiring ideas below!

Food dispensing enrichment toys like Kongs or WestPaw Rumbls are awesome for keeping your dog mentally engaged, stimulated and enriched. Licking and chewing are natural canine behaviours that can be easily fulfilled with these toys and help prevent boredom in busy puppies and active adult dogs.

1. Peanut Butter

Grab some PB from the shops to add it to the mix for your enrichment toy fillers! Make sure there are no artificial sweeteners in there as they can be toxic for dog. The best ones have no additives at all. As peanut butter is high in calories, be careful of how much you add to your dogs daily meals. Peanut butter works frozen and soft.

2. Broth

Cooking chicken for your family (or your dogs let's be honest ;) ) at home? Keep the broth and soak some kibble or dry raw in it. Then fill the Kong before adding it to the freezer.

3. Yoghurt

Yoghurt is great to keep dry food together or it can be mixed with veggies, your dogs raw meal or cooked meat. It is a healthy treat that most dogs enjoy! You can even make little frozen yoghurt veggies paws. Check out the video below on a quick how-to.

(Video coming shortly)

4. Canned Dog Food like Ziwi Peak

Is your dog usually on dry food but you want to mix it up with frozen enrichment toys? Ziwi Peak's wet food range is a great filler and has the perfect consistency to fill all kinds of toys.

5. BigDog Patties

This is a favourite of ours. Big Dog patties are healthy fully balanced raw patties that have a soft consistency and can be used for enrichment toys as an unfrozen treat or frozen for a challenge.

6. Grated veggies and fruit

Grated veggies or fruit are a great low calorie meal and can be mixed with other food and be filled into your dogs Kongs - Carrots, Zucchini, Strawberries, Blueberries, Banana, Apple, Kale, Spinach and others. 

7. Ripe pureed Banana

Ripe pureed Banana has a great consistency for stuffing a Kong! Can be used frozen or un frozen.

8. Fresh balanced meals from Skinny Dogs

Looking for a local place that provides all the goods? Check our Skinny Dog! They offer balanced raw meals but also many treats that can be used as toppers for your enrichment toys. Have a browse through their page and pick your dogs favourite flavour.

9. Toppers 

For some fun and some texture add some toppers like duck feet, beef tracheas or little frozen paws. 


Looking for new enrichment toys? Check WestPaw and LickiMat Toys out below.