Essential items to bring on a camping trip DOG EDITION

Essential items to bring on a camping trip DOG EDITION

About to go on a camping adventure with your dog?

We know what it is like to go out and you wish you would have brought just one more thing to make your life a little easier whilst camping. That’s why we put together a list of things that you might want to consider bringing along on your next trip.

You can also find our check list below and download a free printable version for your own convenience that can be ticked off while you’re packing.

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Zip Line or Screw Anchor

While packing, unpacking, or cooking you might not always have the time to look after your dogs. Having them on a zip line or their lead attached to an anchor point can be a life saver – they can stretch their legs after a long drive but won’t get a chance to stray too far and out of your sight.

We have tested both features for you and here are our pros and cons:

Zip Line:

Pros: easy set up, neat packaging that won’t take much space, no tangling of leads

Cons: You will always need two attachment points for set up - if camping in open spaces that might be harder do come by

Anchor Point:

Pros: Easy to bring with you as it does not take up too much space, you can use your own leads attached to the anchor, you can set it up anywhere except rocky places.

Cons: Only good if you have ground that is soft enough to put it in but not too soft to give way. If you have more than one dog on the anchor, leads might get tangled.

Crate Training & Crate Benefits on a Camping Trip

Crates can be another handy thing to bring. A lot of crates fold down easily and can be flat packed to bring along. There are soft crates and metal crates in various sizes to fit your personal needs.

Crates are a great tool to bring on camping trips:
✔️ It gives your dog a familiar place to rest in in a new environment.
✔️ Can be moved around from inside of the tent to the fireplace or eating area.
✔️ Will keep your dog safe and gives you a peace of mind while setting up camp.
✔️ Will keep your dog safe from potential off-lead dogs.

Before you bring a crate on a camping trip, your dog should be crate trained first to avoid distress on both sides. Not all dogs are naturally drawn to crates and accept them as spaces of rest and relaxation on the first go. You want to practice at home (a familiar environment) first, before you bring your crate with you to new spots. Fencing for your camp ground:

Bringing Fencing along can make your whole trip with your dogs super easy and stress free. Fencing can be bought in various length and heights, depending on your dogs breed and space in your car. Pros for fencing are that it provides a nice little outdoor are that you can have around your tent or awning without worrying that the dogs will escape (make sure the fence is high enough if you have a dog that is keen to jump things). You got your hands free whilst your dog can settle, eat, drink and play in your own little spot. This also keeps them separate from other people and dogs. Cons are that unfortunately the fencing takes up a lot of space, depending on how many panels you would like to bring. It can get quite heavy and is not as convenient to bring along as the Zip Line or anchor.

Best Food for camping:

If you are feeding Kibble, you can happily skip this part as Kibble is easy to bring along and won’t go off even when exposed to warm temperatures.

For our raw feeders this might pose a problem if you can’t guarantee that you have an ever-running freezer or fridge with you. And even then – space might be very limited. We have listed some brands down below that provide great quality freeze dried raw food that can be introduced into your dogs diet prior to the trip and is a great, dry alternative to fresh raw food.

Ziwi Peak

One of our favourites as it is NZ owned and comes in the perfect shape and size so that it can double up as treats too.

Balanced Life

Easy to mix with water in a bowl for your pup. Stores easily and you don’t have to worry that they’re not getting enough hydration due to dry food. 

Best Collar, Harness and Lead to bring

If you’re camping in foresty areas or wide open spaces Paracord and BioThane Gear can easily be dusted and wiped off when getting dirty from your adventures with your dog.

When going to the beach, make sure that you choose a BioThane Collar and Harness with Stainless Steel for your own convenience – It dries quickly (you won’t need to take it off your dog to dry) , is waterproof and salt water is wiped of easily.

We hope you enjoy your next camping adventure! Let us know if you have any more tips tricks or items of convenience that you found super handy when travelling with your pup!

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