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Pastels Paracord Tiny Collar

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Welcome to our Waterproof Summer '23 Collection.

Our Tiny range fist necks between 26-32cm.

There is a choice of two colours:
-Pastel Purple
Our collars are made from Paracord and genuine BioThane (vegan material) making them extremely strong and durable.
Paired with stainless steel hardware makes them waterproof and rust proof perfect for all those summer water adventures.

-A journey to awesome adventure starts here-
How to Measure
About the Materials

Parachute cord (also paracord) is a lightweight nylon kern-mantled rope originally used in the military. The braided sheath is usually made up of 32 interwoven strands, giving it a smooth texture. BioThane® is a leather like material that is soft and comfortable to hold but equally as easy to clean and stink proof with minimal upkeep. It is waterproof and won't soak up any moisture.

Welcome to the Native Collar Family. 🐺

Pastels Paracord Tiny Collar
Pastels Paracord Tiny Collar


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