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BioThane Collars and Leads for Dogs

All of our BioThane Products for Dogs and Cats can be found here. We offer multiple colours and designs and also happily create custom products for you. Please don't hesitate to reach out to us. BioThane Leads & Collars are soft to the touch and comfortable to wear for your dog.

Here is what makes BioThane so great:
🌿 Easy to clean 🌿 Doesn't fray 🌿 Colours don't fade over time 🌿 Lightweight 🌿 Strong but soft around your dogs' neck and in your hand to hold 🌿 Repels Water and Dirt 🌿 Stink Proof 🌿 Leather-look and feel 🌿 Won't stretch or snap

You can find all BioThane Dog Collars here. And all of our handmade leads here.

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23 products


23 products