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Chompers Dog Training Clicker

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Dog Training Clicker with Wrist strap 

Dog Training Clickers are an effective dog training tool. A great option for all dog training and obedience work, as well as rewarding your dog for good behaviour using clicker training.

  • Clickers are often used in conjunction with the positive reinforcement training method, capture and conditioning.
    Dog clickers are an essential item for every dog trainer and owner.

  • Whether you want your dog to learn tricks, food rewards, or basic obedience with clicker training.

  • Furthermore, these clickers have been designed with a wrist strap. This allows quick access and use of the clicker while providing freedom with both hands when the clicker is not in use. Moreover, never worry about dropping or digging through your pockets for the clicker again.

  • Another important feature is the ergonomic design, comfortable to hold. This is a good training aid tool for your pets.

  • Furthermore, all things considered, these clickers are small enough to be hidden in your palm.
    Raised button design to activate the click.

  • Develop your relationship with your pets through teaching and training them. Wrist strap design. Therefore, suitable for clicker training and obedience/agility.

  • One of the easiest ways to use your dog clicker is to check out some of the YouTube videos like this one from Battersea Dogs and Cat Home

Canine Training Clicker, are an effective canine training tool. Ideal for all dog training and obedience work, plus rewarding your canine clicker training

Dogs repeat behaviours that get them what they want. That’s why positive reinforcement dog training focuses on rewarding your dog for the behaviours you want to see. If you give your dog a treat for giving you a paw, for example, your dog will be more likely to give you a paw in the future.

But where do clickers and markers fit in? You may have heard of clicker training, also known as mark and reward training. Is it an unnecessary gimmick? Quite the opposite. A clicker (or marker) is a tool that can make positive reinforcement training more efficient.

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Chompers Dog Training Clicker


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