Multi-Functional Leash

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Open your door to the world of adventure. 🏕️

Our Multi-Functional Leads just dropped! As our collars, they are made from Paracord!

This sturdy lash comes in different colour variations to match your Native Collar!


🌿1.8 meter length

🌿 Wider than our light weight version

🌿Clip two dogs simultaneously

🌿Handsfree when off lead

(Simply clip both snap hooks together and wear it cross-body over your shoulder)

🌿Adjustable Length

🌿Easy to clean



All our of our high quality canine products are handmade in Western Australia by us.


More about the materials:

Parachute cord (also paracord) is a lightweight nylon kern-mantled rope originally used in the military. The braided sheath is usually made up of 32 interwoven strands, giving it a smooth texture.

Welcome to the Native Collar Family. 🐺


*Products may slightly vary as every piece is individually handmade. 

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