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Dog harness with name print

Make this harness your own and include your dogs name (and/or phone number)! Are you training your dog to walk nicely on your side? Do you want to give your pup the freedom it deserves while keeping them safe at all times?

A dog harness is one of the essential items that every dog owner needs. Our Native Collars dog harness will be the perfect companion for your everyday walk at the park or your outdoor adventure. The NC Dog Harness gives you full control and can assist you to teach your dog not to pull on the leash. It comes with two leash attachment points:

  • The back attachment
  • The chest attachment

Handmade in Australia

Our new dog harness was designed and is hand crafted in Australia by us. You can personalise your harness by choosing your two favourite colours and your preferred hardware colour. It is one of the most unique harnesses on the Australian bespoke market.

Dog Harness Material

Our cute two tone dog harness is made from BioThane®. BioThane® is soft, comfortable and a leather-like material. It is also easy to clean, waterproof and stink proof! It is durable and made for the years to come.

🌿 Two colour
🌿 Different hardware to choose from
🌿 Super Soft
🌿 Adjustable
🌿 Two attachment points: Back and front
🌿 Y-Form
🌿 Easy to clean

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It is important to get the measurements right to assure a perfect fit. In the chart below you can find which measurements are required.

Please let us know if your dog is a puppy and still growing!