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Waterproof BioThane lmt Slip Dog Collar 🌊

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Waterproof BioThane Limited Slip Dog Collar with anti-rust stainless steel hardware. 🌊

Three coloured limited slip BioThane Collar (if you wish to have one colour only, please simply select the same colour for all options).

At Native Collars we use original Biothane®. Biothane® is a leather-like material and is soft like leather and very comfortable to hold. It is also easy to clean, water resistant and stink proof. This soft and stylish collar comes in multiple colour combinations and you can create your own unique look to match your dogs personality. 

Our Slip Dog Collars are easy to slip on and off and will be made to match your dogs exact head and neck size.

Our Native Collars BioThane Collars are handmade with love by us in Perth, Western Australia.


 💦 Easy to clean

 💦 Waterproof

 💦 Strong & Durable

 💦 Stink proof


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